Tidemark Theatre

1220 Shoppers Row
Campbell River, BC V9W 2C8
T: 250 287-7465
F: 250 287-7659

Web: www.tidemarktheatre.com
Venue Email: tickets@tidemarktheatre.com

Administrative Contact & Technical Director: Jim Kent
Phone: 250 287-7465
Tech Email: jim.kent@tidemarktheatre.com

Ticket Centre and Rentals Coordinator: Mary Malinski
Phone: 250 287-7465


Number of Seats: 467
General Description: The Tidemark Theatre is owned by the City of Campbell River and managed by the Tidemark Theatre Society. The theatre averages about 200 public events a year with performances ranging from concerts by entertainers of international stature to local performing arts groups, and activities by community and business groups.
Facility Type: Rental and Presenting
Theatre Type: Proscenium
No of Events / Yr: 200
Average Rental:
Maximum Rental Fee:
Seating Style: Soft seat/Amercian Plan
Wheelchair Area: Yes (back of house)
Sales in Lobby? Percentage: Yes / 15%


Stage Type: Proscenium Thrust
Stage Width: 32 ft
Stage Depth: 26 ft
Stage Height: 16 ft clear
Thrust / Apron Width: 32 ft
Thrust / Apron Depth: 16 ft
Wing – Stage Left: 20 ft
Wing – Stage Right: 13 ft
Stage Comments: 1/4″ masonite over 3/4″ plywood on 2″ x 4″ sleepers on rubber pads. Painted black. No traps. Access SL with crossover
Fly System: No
Sprung Floor: Yes
Choral Risers: Yes, 4 units Wenger series 24B, collapsibile three step.
Acoustic Shell: Yes, 7 sections Wenger series 64.
Orchestra Pit and Seating: Yes, approx. 15 musicians. 24 ft wide 14 ft deep and 8 ft high
Cyclorama: Imitation
Piano (Make and Kind): Yamaha C-6 Concert Grand


Loading: Located at the rear of the building in the alley. North wall. Large overhead door with electric drive. Clear height is 12 ft, clear width is 11 ft. Standard truck load in/out facility directly onto stage Up Right.
Parking Details: Ok to park at loading door, otherwise in plaza parking lot across from the theatre front entrance.
Rehearsal Space: No
Dressing Rooms: 2 Company style with showers, toilets, sinks, counters, mirrors and costume racks.
Green Room: Yes, located 20 ft off stage left.



  • Console: ETC Insight 2
  • Dimmers: Patch Bay 36@2.4kw, 12 @1.5kw
  • Dimmers: FOH – 36@1.4KW
  • Circuits: 84
  • 6″ Fresnels: 18
  • 6 x 12 elips: 11
  • 6 x 9 elips: 10
  • 40′ elips: 4
  • 30′ elips: 6
  • 6 x 16 elips: 5
  • mini zoom: 17

Electrical: Band power 120/208 200 Amp located in patch bay stage left (tie-in req.). Range outlet 120/208 50 Amp located in patch bay stage left.

Sound: Mixing Console:
Yamaha LS9-32 digital console located at rear of house.
32 Channel plus 4 stereo input channels
16 mix busses

FOH Rack:
1 Furman Power Conditioner
1 DBX 2231DBX Stereo EQ 31 band
1 Tascam CD-160MKII CD player
1 Tascam CD-RW901SL CD recorder
1 Raxxess IRDS-1 iPod docking station

Meyer system flown above stage apron – Right Centre Left and Subs. Meyer lip fills located on stage apron.
1 Biamp Nexia SP processor

Stage Rack:
1 Furman Power Conditioner
3 DBX 2231DBX Stereo EQ 31 band

6 QSC HPR122I Powered 12″ 2 way wedges

Main – FOH to Stage – Analog – 48 channel with 24 returns
Stage – 12 channel with 4 returns one each of 40′ 50′ 75′ 100′

6 Shure Beta58A
6 Shure Beta57
2 Shure SM58
2 Shure SM48
1 Shure SM57
4 Sennheiser Pro SKM935 G2-B
4 Sennheiser EM550 G2-B Dual “B”
8 Sennheiser SK500 G2-B
8 Sennheiser MKE2-EW-3 Gold Pro mic
2 Shure U1-UA belt pack
2 Shure WL93 micro-lavalier
Drum Kit
1 Shure Beta52
3 Shure Beta98/S
3 Shure SM81-LC
Grand Piano
1 Helpinstill 120

1 HME DX200 Intercom base station
4 HME BP200 belt pack with HS15 headset
Telex IC-2MA Base station with 2 channels.
6 Telex WP stations, 2 on stage, 4 in control
6 Telex belt pack with headset

Additional Comments:

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