Studio 1398

1398 Cartwright Street
Vancouver, BC  V6H 3R8

Telephone: 604-639-5497
Fax: 604-687-3020

Venue Email:

Administrative Contact: Una Memisevic
Contact Phone: 604-687-3005
Contact Email:

Technical Director: Miles Lavkulich
Tech Phone: 604-687-3005
Tech Email:


Number of Seats: 96-125
General Description: Studio 1398 is an intimate, black box theatre space located on the third floor of the Festival House building on Granville Island.  It is ideal for theatre shows, workshops, rehearsals, meetings, or even a gallery.
Facility Type: Rental
Theatre Type: Black Box
No. of Events / Year: ~35
Average Rental Fee: $700
Maximum Rental Fee: varies
Seating Style: Adjustable
Wheelchair Area: Yes
Sales in Lobby? No


Stage Type: Wooden deck painted flat black
Stage Width: Varies – max 38′
Stage Depth: Varies – max 46′
Stage Height: n/a
Thrust / Apron Width: n/a
Thrust / Apron Depth: n/a
Wing – Stage Left: n/a
Wing – Stage Right: n/a
Stage Comments: n/a
Fly System: no
Sprung Floor: no
Choral Risers: no
Acoustic Shell: no
Orchestra Pit and Seating: no
Cyclorama: no
Piano (make and size): no


Loading: Main doors   standard double doors, passenger elevator, two flights of stairs. Please note that there is no special parking for vehicles loading or unloading
Parking Details: Street Parking
Rehearsal Space: No
Dressing Rooms: Yes
Green Room: Yes


Lighting: Dimmers:
ETC Sensor 38 rack: complete, 2.4K modules

ETC Express 125 (24 subs, 125 channels)

35 circuits, dual Edison splays, 3 circuits to house lights

10   Altman 6  Fresnel 500w
12   Strand 6  Fresnel 500 w/ barn doors
16   ETC S4 26 degree 575w
10   ETC S4 36 degree 575w
10   ETC Junior 36 degree 575w
8   PAR 56 500w MFL

2   S4 Iris
7   S4 SR Gobo holders
6   S4 JR Gobo holders
22   7.5  Barn doors
30   S4 gel frames / 20   6  Fresnel frames
1 I-Cue Mirror for S4

Electrical: No Additional power is available

Sound: Mixing Console:
Mackie CFX12
10 channels, 2 group mixes, L&R main mix

2   SX300  pre-hung in house position
2   Behringer Eurolive B212XL, 2 Peavey PS123

P3200 Yamaha amp,
Yamaha SPX 900

2   Tascam CD-O1U
1 – Sony MDS JE500 Minidisk


Program sound:

Vocal – 2 x Shure SM58, 2 x Shure SM57
4 – boom stands with clips
2 – DOD265 DI