Scotiabank Dance Centre

677 Davie Street,
Vancouver, BC V6B 2G6

T: 604-606-6400
F: 604-606-6401

Venue Email:

Administrative Contact: Robin Naiman
Contact Phone: 604-606-6413
Contact Email:

Technical Director: Shawn Sorensen
Tech Phone: 604-606-6418
Tech Email:


Number of Seats: 154
General Description: A fully-equipped, black box studio with retractable seating. Suitable for rehearsals, performances, filming and other events.
Facility Type: Rental & Presenting
Theatre Type: Black Box
Average Rental Fee: $700 Peak Days, $400 Non Peak Days
Maximum Rental Fee: Varies
Seating Style: Retractable raked seating.
Wheelchair Area: Yes


Stage Type: Black Harlequin “Cascade’ Surface
Stage Width: 33ft or 10m
Stage Depth: 30ft or 9m
Stage Height: Grid 23ft 9in or 7m / Ceiling 26ft 9in or 8m
Thrust / Apron Width: N/A
Thrust / Apron Depth: N/A
Wing – Stage Left: 6.5ft or 2m
Wing – Stage Right: 6.5ft or 2m
Fly System: Yes
Sprung Floor: Yes
Choral Risers: No
Acoustic Shell: No
Orchestra Pit and Seating: No.
Cyclorama: Yes.
Piano (make and size): Yamaha Upright


Loading: Alley Loading Bay
Parking Details: Street
Dressing Rooms: Yes
Green Room: Yes
Lighting: ETC Ion

19 deg Source4 750W – 8
26 deg Source4 750W – 18
36 deg Source4 750W 32
50 deg Source 4 750W 6

Source4 Par 750W – 12
Source4 Par 575W – 24
Par 64 MFL 1000W – 12

I-­Cue Mirror Р6
ChromaQ Bdwy Scroller – 14
ChromaQ Plus Scroller – 13

Electrical: Details available upon request

Sound: Yamaha O2R 96 Console

Mac Mini with QLab
EAW 12″ Speakers – 6
QSC Amplifiers – 4
e935 Wireless Sennheiser Mic – 1
Shure SM58 Handeld – 2
Shure Beta 91A – 2

Comments: For any additional technical inquiries, please contact the Technical Manager directly.

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