Kelowna Community Theatre

1375 Water Street
Kelowna, BC V1Y 0B4


Venue Email:

Administrative Contact: Donna McHattie
Admin Phone: 250-469-8944
Admin Email:

Technical Contact: Roland Simmons
Technical Phone: 250-469-8943
Tech Email:

Theatre Manager: Randy Zahara
Theatre Manager Phone: 250-469-8945
Theatre Manager Email:

Recreation Technician: Brian Bergvinson
Recreation Technician Phone: 250-469-8944
Recreation Technician Email:


Number of Seats: 853
General Description: Since opening its doors on September 13, 1962, the Theatre has grown from a small community theatre to a vibrant performance hub in the heart of the Cultural District. For 50 years, people have been entertained and inspired by their peers, first class presenters and performers from around the world.
Facility Type: Rental/Presenting
Theatre Type: Proscenium
No. of Events / Year: 300
Wheelchair Area: Yes 6 Seats
Sales in Lobby? Percentage: Yes 15%


Stage Type: Proscenium / Thrust
Stage Width: 46′ 6″
Stage Height: 17′ 7″
Orchestra Pit and Seating: The Apron can be removed to create an orchestra pit depth of pit below stage is 4′ 10″. The apron can be dropped to floor level to create a dance floor area or space for additional seating
Piano (make and size): 9′ Yamaha Concert Grand


Loading: The level-entry loading bay leads directly onto stage right, separated by an interior bay door. There is no loading platform.
Rehearsal Space: Black Box Theatre 1200 square foot, 106 person capacity, multi-purpose room
Dressing Rooms: Dressing Room A: 15+ person capacity with washroom and 2 showers Dressing Room B: 15+ person capacity with washroom and 2 showers
Green Room: The Green room is a large room, comfortably renovated with several couches and chairs located adjacent to the upper level dressing rooms. The room includes a bar, sink, fridge, microwave, TV, stereo so it is ideal as a “meet and greet” lounge


Lighting: Technical Info – Lighting
ETC Sensor+
300 x 2.4 KW (284 for show use)
House Hang:
House hang consists of 3 color front wash, 3 top washes, 1 side wash with scrollers, 3 color cyclorama, and 3 groups of 5 pars for concert backlights
House lighting plot and patch/magic sheet are available
House Hang instruments:
42 Selecon Fixed beam Spotlight 30 degrees 750 watts
21 Par 64 Parcans 1000 watts wash from front wides
10 Par 64 Parcans 1000 watts mounted with scrollers
10 Par 64 Parcans each per side of stage for side lighting wides, mediums
36 Source 4 Par, 575 watts wide-lens, top lights (LCO 3 colours)
18 Par 64 Parcans 1000 watts LX 4 back lights 3 groups of 6
Cyc Lights 3 colors
Main Lighting Console:
ETC Insight 3
Back up Consoles:
Colortran Innovator
Colortran Encore 24/48
24 submasters, 512 channels
Moving fixtures / Scrollers:
5 Vari-Lite VL-1000’s total
18 Color Rocket color changers 10 used in the house hang side wash
6 Microh Arena intelligent lights, 4 flown, 2 available for on-deck. Run on 2nd DMX universe.
Follow Spots
2 Lycian 1209 Midget HP follow spots

Sound: FOH Console
Digidesign Venue SC48
Located at back of room, level access, unobstructed view
EQ, gates, Comps, reverbs, delays available on every channel
Tascam CD 1U Professional CD player
Tascam CD RW900SL CD stereo Recorder
Control Room:
Behringer Xenyx 1852 mixer, 10 inputs, 2 aux returns
LR outputs, built-in FX
Denon CD player
House PA

Turbo Sound Flexarray:
8 x TFA-600H 3-way boxes (flown)
4 x TSW-218 Double 18 sub-woofers (under apron)
5 x TS NuQ-6 Lip fill boxes
7 x Turbo Sound DP-50 Quad x 1250W amplifiers
Other PA equipment:
4 x Meyer UPA-1p
2 x Allstar double 18 subwoofers
1 x Meyer USW-1P subwoofers
Main Snake:
Radial 48 x 10 balanced XLR, with full split located on SL
Radial 60 48 x 10, Yorkville 16 x 4
(2x Radial 75 8 x 4 stage flea)

Control booth located at rear of house has lighting console and small audio mixer
Lighting board can be placed in the auditorium by the sound console (please give advance notice)
Color media: good selection of Roscolux color filters
Lighting connectors are 3-pin Twist Lock Ground 120 V, 20 A

Information on this page has been supplied by the venue. Please contact venue directly for most up-to-date and accurate information.