Chilliwack Cultural Centre – HUB International Theatre

9201 Corbould Street
Chilliwack, BC V2P 7K9

T: 604-392-8000
F: 604-392-8001

Venue Email:

Administrative Contact: Theresia Reid
Admin Phone: 604-392-8000

Technical Director: Chris Reid
Tech Phone: 604-392-8000
Tech Email:

Box Office Manager: Anna Stecca
Phone: 604-391-7469


Number of Seats: 580
General Description: The Chilliwack Cultural consists of a 575+ seat proscenium arch theatre, a 160+ seat black box theatre, the Chilliwack Art Gallery, multi-purpose/activity/banquet rooms, multi-purpose lobby and concourse, four arts and crafts studios, 21 music instruction rooms/studios, and office and backstage support facilities. The Centre presents a comprehensive performance series of local and touring productions each season.
Facility Type: Rental & Presenting
Theatre Type: Proscenium
No. of Events / Year: 200+
Average Rental Fee: $1,209.00 or 10% of the GROSS Ticket Sales
Maximum Rental Fee: $1,209.00 or 10% of the GROSS Ticket Sales
Seating Style: Continental & Auditorium
Wheelchair Area: 29 wheelchair spots
Sales in Lobby? Percentage: Yes – 15%


Stage Type: Marmolium
Stage Width: 40 feet
Stage Depth: 48 feet
Stage Height: 28 feet
Thrust / Apron Width: 50 feet
Thrust / Apron Depth: 15 feet
Wing – Stage Left: 20 feet
Wing – Stage Right: 40 feet
Stage Comments: Non-working floor
Fly System: Single purchase
Sprung Floor: Yes
Choral Risers: No
Acoustic Shell: Yes
Orchestra Pit and Seating: The orchestra pit consists of removable pit covers located over the apron of the stage. Access to the pit is from the stage.  The orchestra pit does not accommodate the grand piano.
Cyclorama: Yes
Piano (make and size): Yes – 9 foot Yamaha


Dressing Rooms: 2 chorus dressing rooms with stations for 16 persons, 2 chorus dressing rooms with stations for 6 persons, 2 chorus dressing rooms with stations for 4 persons, 1 principals’ dressing room with stations for 2 persons.
Showers provided, users provide towels & toiletries.
Loading: One Dock Hight Bay and One Ramped Bay
Parking Details: Lots
Rehearsal Space: Yes
Dressing Rooms: Yes – 7 rooms, various sizes
Green Room: Yes


Lighting: House hang in place with 3 colour top wash, 2 colour tip, full stage front wash and multiple gobo washes.
Full stock includes 200 lighting instruments
Electrical: 200 and 400 amp panels on Stage Right with both Cam lock and Tail terminals. 50 amp range plugs on both Stage Right and Left. Multiple 15 amp U-ground plugs on Both Stage left and Right with 24 Isolated Ground plugs for sound equipment
Sound: 72 inputs on stage. Microphone stock including 20 wireless body microphones and 4 handheld wireless, Stage Monitors, Meyer PA, Yamaha M7CL 48 channel mixing console.
Comments: 6000 lumen HD video projector hung at sound position.

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