On the Road Touring Workshop Schedule

Saturday, November 18
8:30 AM    Registration Opens
9:00 AM    Welcome & Introductions

Session 1: Overview of Touring, Pre-Tour Prep & Planning for a Tour

9:30 AM     Why Tour? How does touring fit into your plans? Where to tour? 
9:50 AM     How are shows/tours booked? Tour cycles, who presents/promotes? When, Where?
10:10 AM   Hiring help: About hiring a manager/agent/publicist
10:30 AM   Tour Finances Part 1: fees, budgets
10:45 AM   Tour Finances Part 2: grants, sponsors 
11:15 AM    Getting Tour Ready: Technical and production 
11:30 AM    Lunch Break & Video Screening

Session 2: Selling Your Show 
12:30 PM  About Contact and Industry Events 
12:55 PM  Applying & Preparing to Showcase
1:2o PM    Exhibiting in a Contact Room/Trade show
1:45 PM    Following up after attending an event
2:00 PM    Break

Session 3: Selling Your Show: Marketing & Promotion
2:15 PM   Overview of what artists need to market their shows
2:30 PM   Image is Everything: About your photos, websites, social media channels
2:50 PM   Using social media to promote, engage fans and audiences
3:30 PM   Marketing live performances, how presenters/festivals market their shows
3:45 PM   Q&A/Break
4:00 PM   5-Minute Showcases Session 1
5:00 PM   Wrap up/End of Day

Sunday, November 19
8:30 AM     Registration Opens
9:00 AM     One-one-one meetings with trainers 
10:00 AM   Break
10:15 AM   Welcome

Session 4: Tour Management & The Business of Touring
10:30 AM   Tour management: logistics, itineraries, self care
11:00 AM   About Merchandise
11:15 AM   Accounting for it: Bookkeeping, taxes, receipts, invoices oh my! 
11:45 AM   Contracts, agreements and riders
12:00 PM   About SOCAN and Royalties
12:10 PM    Post tour follow up

12:00 PM   Lunch 
1:00 PM     Wrap Up/Q &A
2:00 PM     5-Minute Showcases Session 2
3:00 PM     End of Day