Touring & Training Initiative

Aspiring Emerging Artists

Building Creative Skills & Capacity in Performing Arts Touring and Presenting

The BC Touring Council (BCTC), in partnership with the BC Arts Council, presents the Aspiring Emerging Artists Touring & Training Initiative (AEA). The goal of the project is to increase opportunities for young, aspiring and emerging artists to engage in professional performing arts touring and presenting in BC.

BCTC will deliver this initiative to meet the objectives of the Creative Youth Initiatives, which is part of BC’s Creative Futures Strategy.

These objectives include:

  • fostering the role cultural communities play in social development in the province;
  • putting resources to best use to create vibrant cultural opportunities for people across our province;
  • working with established networks, partners and processes within the cultural community to better provide support to the province’s cultural organizations while recognizing that we remain in a difficult financial position; and
  • supporting the creative and innovative capacity of B.C. communities by encouraging artists, arts organizations and the public to work together to increase participation, improve the quality of life, create strong community identity and contribute to local economies.

The following programs will be offered to help meet these goals.

Warming Up the Act
Increase skills training and participation for emerging artists in touring/performing

Providing emerging, touring artists with the opportunity to open for ‘main stage’ artists/acts in a presenting season. This is not a new practice by some community presenters, however, it is often emerging artists that need to gain experience, training and support in order to demonstrate a high level of performance skill and be considered ‘tour ready’. This program offers emerging artists the opportunity to enhance their live performance skills, to build audiences while creating opportunities to tour in BC. This program also offers presenters the opportunity to include local, emerging artists in their presenting season.
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Youth Friendly Venues
GOAL: To further develop an inventory and network of youth-friendly venues in BC

BCTC plans to further develop its multi-media inventory of performing arts venues appropriate for youth and young audiences in BC i.e. Youth Centres, cafes, warehouses, public spaces, parks, Friendship Centres, clubs/restaurants.

In addition to an inventory, we plan to document young, aspiring emerging artists execute performances and animate these venues, how performances are promoted and marketed, and how technology is used prior, during and following performances.

On the Road Touring Workshops
GOAL: Increase opportunities to train and work alongside creative professionals

BCTC will offer workshops for aspiring, emerging artists/companies wanting to develop specific skills training for performing for young audiences. Experienced, creative professionals from different disciplines will deliver a curriculum that will examine how performing for young audiences differs from performing for adult audiences. The workshops will also feature panels and specific sessions by accomplished artists, agents and presenters on topics such as  marketing, tour planning and prep, selling your show, funding and more.
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