Symposium – Schedule

Regional Fall Symposium – Schedule

Friday, September 16, 2016

Fueled by arts groups and artists, the Columbia Basin is a Centre of Imagination, Inspiration & Creativity

Adventure Hotel – 616 Vernon Street

9:00 Coffee and Conversation

9:30 Introductions & Welcome

The Magic of the Columbia Basin: What have we already achieved?
(Presented in Pecha Kucha format:  limited # of slides presented quickly – 20 seconds per slide)

  • Increasing Impact in the Columbia Basin, Lynda Lafleur, Columbia Basin Trust
  • Castlegar by Joy Barrett, Executive Director, Castlegar Sculpturewalk – The impact of Sculpturewalk to Castlegar
  • Smithers, Lynnda McDougal, Bulkley Valley Concert Association – Engaging youth from diverse backgrounds
  • Cranbrook, Galen Olstead, Managing Director, Key City Theatre – Fostering the career development of young artists
  • Vernon and District, Erin Kennedy, Artistic Director, Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre – Engaging the entire family

10:45 Coffee Break

  • Creston, Alison Bjorkman, Former Director, Creston Concert Society – The impact of concerts in a small community
  • Revelstoke, Garry Pendergast, Executive Director, Revelstoke Arts Council- Summer Street Festival
  • Nelson’s Cultural Development Committee, Joy Barrett, Cultural Development Officer, City of Nelson – The impact of collaboration
  • Tiny Lights Festival, Ymir, Carla Stephenson, Executive Director, Tiny Lights Festival – The value of a Festival to a small community
  • Golden, Bill Usher, Director, Kicking Horse Culture – A step by step process demonstrating relevance and impact

12:00 Lunch

Deb Kozak, Mayor, City of Nelson

The Magic of the Columbia Basin: Revealing the Role of the Arts in Changing the People’s Lives and Communities:  Globally and Locally: Jerry Yoshitomi, International Arts Consultant

  • What we’re learning and revealing, globally and locally.
  • What further impact might we accomplish in the future?
  • What might we do collectively? What further resources are required?

14:00 Specific Action Steps to Further the Impact of the Arts on the Columbia Basin.
The Best Places to Live in Canada,
the Best Place:
(Breakout Groups)

  • To Raise a Family
  • To Live and to Retire
  • To Establish/grow a creative business

3:30 Afternoon Break
3:45 Reconvene – Report Outs
4:30 Adjourn

Uptown Tavern – 616 Vernon Street

16:30 Refreshment

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Building the Capacity of the Sector to Increase Impact

Adventure Hotel– 616 Vernon Street

8:00 Coffee and Conversation (at both locations)

8:30 Capacity Development Workshops (concurrent)

The Marketing of ArtsWhy knowing who and knowing how are key to an effective strategy – John McLachlan & Sheryl McGraw

Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Information Centre,
91 Baker Street – Board Room

Marketing. Huh! What is it good for? (presented by John McLachlan)

John McLachlan

John McLachlan

Knowing, liking and trusting are key elements to establishing successful relationships between audiences/customers and arts organizations and artists. We will look at

  • the value of getting to know your audience and/or customer base and what their needs are that you help satisfy
  • understanding what you do that makes you different
  • identifying what you “really sell”
  • Creating a draft marketing statement that articulates who you are and what you do.

John McLachlan is the coordinator of the Community Presenters Assistance program for the BC Touring Council and is a freelance graphic designer working with arts-related clients in Canada. He brings his experience as a touring singer/songwriter and time spent as executive director at BC Touring Council and Creative City Network of Canada to his current pursuits. John released a new album this year of original songs and is working on another album for release in 2017.

Conversing with your audience and customers (presented by Sheryl McGraw)


Sheryl McGraw

Now you know why it is important to know your audiences and customers, the “how to” connect is key to building relationships and creating community champions for your organization.

In Part Two of this workshop, we’ll explore the tools and techniques for engaging, connecting and tracking who you serve. Specifically, we’ll look at how to use social media channels to create conversations, how to build and maintain lists and what tools are available to help you determine whether you are responding to the needs and wants of your audiences and customers.

Sheryl McGraw has worked in the arts in BC for over 20 years in various capacities. Currently project and communications coordinator for BC Touring Council and Magnum Opus Management, Sheryl has also worked with organizations including ArtsBC, Axis Theatre Company, Creative City Network and 2010 Legacies Now. 

Increasing Revenues – Sell More Tickets + Raise More Money – Jerry Yoshitomi

Jerry Yoshitomi

Jerry Yoshitomi, MeaningMatters, LLC

Adventure Hotel– 616 Vernon Street  – Main Ballroom

Jerry Yoshitomi, leads a fast-paced, interactive session where you’ll take the first steps for creating renewable, reliable, revenue streams through Increased Ticket Revenues and Grassroots Fundraising.

Do you have tremendous impact on audiences and communities, yet need to find that last 5% to balance your budget or support new programs?  Have you raised ticket prices as far as you can? Are you thinking about trying to raise money through donations, but don’t know how to start asking? Are you concerned that support from public sources might be flattening out?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, be ready for a fast-paced, interactive session where you’ll take the first steps for creating renewable, reliable, revenue streams.  Proven methods will build on the impacts you’ve already had to encourage new ticket buyers as well as small contributions from current participants.  You’ll see an improvement in your financial bottom line and participants’ depth of engagement.  You’ll leave with the first building blocks for a more successful future:

  • Principles you can apply in almost any circumstance
  • Actionable, monetizable strategies you can implement immediately
  • Calisthenics for Cash:  Stress Reducing Exercises to improve blood circulation and cash flow
  • A network of nearby colleagues doing similar things with whom you can compare notes
  • The invitation to join a follow-up Webinar in November so you can share the “Increasing Revenues” methods with others back home

Jerry’s guarantee that as a result of the Workshop, you’ll be able to generate ten times as much revenue as the time/money you expend to participate in the workshop.  If not, Jerry will personally follow-up with you until you do.

11:15 What do you want to discuss in greater depth? Topics crowd-sourced via pre-Symposium Survey

  • Case Making: What did I hear that I want to replicate back home?
  • Sustainability: What can I do to reduce burnout and increase sustainability?
  • Other topics TBD

11:30 Lunch Available

  • 11:45 – Small Group discussions (Rotation one)
  • 12:45  – Small Group discussions (Rotation two)

14:00 Next Steps:  Workplan Development

  • What Does the Future Look Like?
  • How are we Planning for the Future?
  • How are we Advocating for the Future?

15:00 Adjourn

Symposium Sponsors
In partnership with the BC Arts Council, Columbia Basin Trust and Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance