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Regional Fall Symposium

Participation in the arts is at the core of community creativity and vitality. Nowhere in Canada is that better evidenced than in the Columbia Basin in BC. Stats Canada Research has found that British Columbia has more artists per capita than any other Province. We estimate that it’s even higher in the Columbia Basin.

The Regional Fall Symposium will recognize, document, share, support and enhance the impact of exemplary performing arts presenters in South Central and South East regions of BC. The Symposium will document what has already been achieved in the region, as well as explore other methods to create even greater impact. The event will also offer an opportunity to enhance the capacity of arts centres, organizations, festivals and performing arts series to deliver transformative, impactful arts experiences, while insuring the sustainability and longevity of their programs and organizations.

Jerry Yoshitomi

Jerry Yoshitomi, MeaningMatters, LLC

This 2-day Symposium will be facilitated by Jerry Yoshitomi:

Throughout his career, Jerry has contributed to modest initiatives that have resulted in nationally and internationally significant innovations, field impact and increased revenues. He believes in the power of performing arts to change people’s lives and the small and large communities in which they live. Methods from his writings/workshops have been successfully implemented by several thousand arts organizations and artists in Canada, Australia, the U.S. & U.K., Spain and Chile. He is particularly inspired by work of Performing Arts Presenters in BC and the Yukon.


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In partnership with the BC Arts Council, Columbia Basin Trust and Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance