• Pacific Contact offers a great opportunity to promote, profile and put your name in front
    of key people in the arts and cultural industries.
  • Pacific Contact connects you to presenters, artists, agents, government representatives and
    other industry professionals from across BC, Canada and the western U.S.
  • By sponsoring Pacific Contact, you make a genuine contribution to the BC Touring Council and its
    membership. Your sponsorship supports a growing regional network of performing arts professionals.
  • Pacific Contact could not have achieved the same success it has in past years without the
    support of sponsors.

Pacific Contact Sponsors Acknowledgement:

  • Acknowledgement and/or logo in the Pacific Contact program. This includes the general thank
    you page and in specific sponsorship area. The program will be printed on high quality paper
    and will be given to all delegates at the conference.
  • Acknowledgement on the BCTC website on the popular and well-visited Pacific Contact page
  • Signage acknowledgement during the Pacific Contact Conference and for special events
  • Acknowledgement by the Master of Ceremonies between Showcases at the Michael J. Fox Theatre,
    Shadbolt Centre For The Arts and at the Hilton Hotel.

Opportunities Include:

Pre-Conference Day Sponsorships

Thursday, April 9, 2015

  1. PDI – $500 to help cover coffee break and room rental
  2. Facility Managers Meeting – $500 helps cover coffee breaks and room rentals
Sponsored by:

Showcase Theatre Sponsorships

Friday, April 10, 2015

Michael J Fox Theatre – Showcase Sponsorship $1000 (2 showcases)

Sponsored by:

Saturday, April 11, 2015
Hilton Cabaret - Showcase Sponsorship$500

Saturday & Sunday, April 11-12, 2015
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts – Showcase Sponsorship$1000 (2 showcases)

Sponsored by:

Inconference Professional Development Sponsorship: $200 Each

Friday April 10

Lunch Sponsorship: $400 Each

Get your message out in a friendly congenial atmosphere of delegates networking during mealtimes. Say a
few words and distribute brochures and/or business cards at all the tables.

Friday, April 10 – Networking Lunch
Saturday, April 11 – “Getting to Know You”
Sunday, April 12 – AGM Lunch

Awards Dinner Sponsorship: $100 (unlimited)

The annual awards presentation takes place during the Awards Dinner – Saturday, April
11, 2015

As a sponsor of the dinner and awards you are recognizing excellence in presenting and touring. This dinner is a very special highlight of Pacific Contact.


Coffee Breaks Sponsorship: $300

If you sponsor the coffee, we’ll post a sign near the coffee station so that delegates know who is sponsoring.

Friday Morning Foyer
Friday Morning Break
Friday Afternoon Contact Room
Sponsored by:
Friday Morning FoyerSaturday Morning Networking
Saturday Afternoon Contact Room
Sunday Morning Foyer
Sunday Afternoon Contact Room

Block Booking Breakfast Meeting Sponsorship: $400

Sunday April 12:

The Hospitality Room Sponsorship: $200 each night (2 total)
Networking late night at Pacific Contact is at the Metrotown Hilton.

Friday Night, Sponsored by:
Saturday Night, Sponsored by:

Pacific Contact Closing Night Party: $500
Closing Night Party – Sunday, April 12, 2015.

For more information contact:
Joanna Maratta
Executive Director
Ph: 250 352-0021
Email: fyi@bctouring

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