Short 5’s (5 Minute Showcases) at Pacific Contact

The intent of short 5-minute showcases at Pacific Contact is to give new artists to Pacific Contact an opportunity to be seen by presenters and to act as an icebreaker when they are at their tables in the Contact Room. 

New in 2018: Agents who do not have an 15 minute showcases can apply for 1 artist for a Short 5.
Note: Agents will have a separate breakfast pitch session with presenters at Pacific Contact.
Note: Those who have had Short 5’s in the last 2 years will be placed in lower priority than those who have not had a Short 5 before.

Details about the Short 5’s:

  • Artists who are registered as a Type 1 delegates (with table in the contact room) can apply for 1 of 24 short 5-minute showcases during the conference.
  • The Short 5’s are only open to artists/agents registered (Type 1 Exhibitor/Contact Room).
  • The Short 5’s exist to give artists attending Pacific Contact the opportunity to perform in front of the presenters.
  • The Short 5’s are 5 minutes max. (can be less) – this includes getting you and what you need on stage. When you are done everything you have with you must leave with you.
  • The Short 5’s are low tech – there is no tech time in advance.  Our hosts of the Short 5’s will have timers and will notify you at the one-minute left mark. They will stop you if you go over 5 minutes.
  • The Short 5’s are fun! Presenters really look forward to them. They help you feel more comfortable and act as an ice-breaker in conversation with presenters when you’re in the contact room.