Pacific Contact 2014 – Detailed Schedule

Friday April 4, 2014

7:30 AM
Registration Desk Opens
Crystal Ballroom Foyer, L3
Coffee Sponsored By: Max Cameron Theatre

8:00 AM   –   Noon
Exhibitor Load In
Crystal Ballroom 2&3, L3 – Hilton Hotel

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

In Conference Workshops

Not-For-Profit Lifecycles:  
Where are you at? (An Introduction)
Crystal Ballroom 1, L3

No matter where your organization is at in the cycle of life, you can help steer or reinvigorate it. Using Susan Kenny Stevens’ book, Nonprofit Lifecycles: Stage-Based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity as the base, participants in this introductory session will be guided by Canadian Heritage program staff through a basic self-diagnostic process to assess their organization and to help identify planning priorities for future development.  

A Career In Music:  the other 12 step program
Lalique, L2

After over two decades in the Canadian music business, Bob D’Eith has learned a lot about how independent artists have succeeded or failed. Bob’s session, based on his new must-read book, A Career in Music: The Other 12 Step Program, delves into the basic tools that every independent artist should have in today’s complicated and ever changing music industry.
Bob D’Eith has been involved in the music industry for twenty-three years in various capacities: author (A Career in Music: the other 12 step program), entertainment lawyer (D’Eith & Company), two time JUNO Award nominated recording artist (Rymes with Orange and Mythos), studio owner, label and music publisher (Adagio Music Inc.). For the past twelve years, Bob has been the executive director of the Music BC Industry Association, a non-profit society dedicated to the development of music and the music industry in BC. Music BC administers the award winning Peak Performance Project and is also the FACTOR affiliated office for BC.

Trends in Mobile Technology – MyEventApps / Bill Love
Waterford 2, L3

Mobile technology is constantly changing. The high rate of change will continue in 2014 and beyond. New mobile devices, new apps, and new ways of thinking about mobile technology will evolve. Are you mobile ready? This talk will give you a brief overview of mobile technology and a look ahead at emerging trends, with a focus on the impact of mobile technology on event marketing. How can you promote your arts through this new medium? How can you use this new technology to connect with others? What is the relationship between social media and mobile technology? Learn how to apply mobile technologies to promote your events and engage your audience.
Bill Love is co-founder and president at FaveQuest, the company behind Bill has over 20 years experience developing high technology products, in a wide range of areas as diverse as telecommunications, audio conferencing, speech recognition, speech generation, grid and cluster computing, high performance computing, instant messaging and social media, and video motion graphics. Father of three, Bill plays hockey in the winter, and rides his motorcycle in the summer.

10:30 AM – 10:45 AM
Coffee Break
Bacarrat Foyer, L2
Sponsored By: Western Arts Alliance (WAA)

10:45 AM – 11:45 AM
Pitch & Perform
Baccarat Level 2
In five minutes or less artists and agents will pitch projects and/or perform. This session will give an opportunity for contact room delegates who are not showcasing at Pacific Contact this year the short and sweet opportunity to address presenters. See Pacific Contact mobile app for list and order.

11:45 AM  – 12:45 PM
Crystal Ballroom 1, Hilton Hotel
Sponsored by:  Danielle Lefebvre Artist & Concert Agency

12:45 PM
Buses depart to Michael J Fox Theatre
Hotel Lobby Entrance

1:00 PM  – 3:55 PM
Showcase  1 – Michael J Fox Theatre

  • Welcome to Territories of the Coast Salish Peoples 
by Full Circle: First Nations Performance
  • Rainbow Dance Theatre  
  • Diyet 
  • Vancouver Opera/Vancouver Opera in Schools
  • Ensemble Caprice 
  • WONDERHEADS / Grim and Fischer 
  • Borealis String Quartet  
  • Kamikaze Fireflies  
  • Patricia Cano

4:00 PM
Board Buses to Hilton Hotel

4:15 PM   –   5:45 PM
Contact Room Open
Crystal Ballroom 2&3
Coffee Sponsored by: The Act Arts Centre & Theatre

6:00 PM   –   7:45 PM
Dine Arounds
Meet in Hilton Hotel Lobby and walk to restaurants

8:00 PM
Board Buses to Michael J Fox Theatre
Hotel Lobby Entrance

8:15 PM   –   10:30 PM 
Showcase 2 – Michael J Fox Theatre

  • Maxim Bernard 
  • Christine Tassan et les Imposteures 
  • Quartetto Gelato 
  • Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys
  • Cougar Annie Tales 
  • Donné Roberts Band
  • Bon Débarras

10:30 PM
Board Buses back to Hilton Hotel

10:45 PM  –   1:00 AM
Hospitality Suite
Diamond Penthouse, 1804
BCTC is pleased to offer late-night hospitality each evening. This is a private suite for delegates of Pacific Contact. BCTC or hotel staff will key delegates to the penthouse. As a courtesy to other hotel guests please be aware to keep voice and noise levels to a minimum as you come and go late-night.
Sponsored by: The Bert Church Theatre

Saturday April 5, 2014

8:00 AM           
Registration Desk Opens
Crystal Ballroom Foyer, L3
Coffee Sponsored By: Cowichan Theatre

8:00 AM    –   9:00 AM   
BC Regions Roundtable Breakfast Meeting
Waterford Room 1&2 L3
Meet with colleagues from your region.
Sponsored by: Centre Stage at Surrey City Centre

9:00 AM   –   10:30 AM 
REAL TIME – Conversations at Pacific Contact
Crystal Ballroom 1
A 90-minute session where delegates will have opportunities to discuss/get answers to that all-important key issue or concern you’ve been wanting to hear/talk about.

9:00 AM   –   1:00 PM   
Silent Auction Open
Crystal Ballroom Foyer, L 3

10:30 AM  –   10:45 AM 
Networking Coffee Break
Baccarat Foyer, L2
Sponsored by: Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC)

10:45 AM  –   11:45 AM 
Pitch & Perform
Baccarat, L2
In five minutes or less artists and agents will pitch projects and/or perform. See Pacific Contact mobile app for list and order.

11:45AM   –   12:45 PM 
Getting To Know You Lunch
Crystal Ballroom 1, L3
Mix, Mingle and get to know your colleagues
Sponsored by: Hornby Festival

12:45 PM 
Board Buses to Shadbolt Centre For The Arts
Hotel Lobby Entrance

1:00 PM   –   3:45 PM   
Showcase 3 – Shadbolt Centre For The Arts

  • Never Shoot A Stampede Queen/West End Players
  • The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer 
  • The Sweet Lowdown
  • Iskwew Singers
  • BreakSponosred by Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
  • VITALY: An Evening of Wonders 
  • Samskara 
  • Chris Gibbs’ Like Father, Like Son? Sorry
  • Eh440

3:45 PM           
Buses return to Hotel

4:00 PM   –   5:45 PM   
Contact Room Open
Crystal Ballroom 2&3, L3
Coffee Sponsored by: Evergreen Cultural Centre

4:00 PM   –   6:30 PM   
Final Silent Auction Open
Crystal Foyer, L3

6:30 PM                       
Silent Auction Closes
(See Sunday morning for Cash Out)

6:00 PM   –   8:00 PM
BCTC Awards Dinner & Live Auction
Crystal Ballroom 1, L3
Sponsored By:agence Station bleue, 
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, 
Max Cameron Theatre
, North Peace Cultural Centre, 
Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils, 
The Port Theatre, 
Sandra Thomson Development Consultant, 
Shadbolt Centre For The Arts, 
Surrey Arts Centre

8:00 PM   –   8:15 PM   
Board Buses to Shadbolt Centre For The Arts
Hotel Lobby Entrance

8:30 PM   –   10:05 PM 
Showcase 4 – Shadbolt Centre For The Arts

  • 6 Guitars 
  • Three Worlds 
  • Suddenly Mommy
  • Andrea SUPERstein
  • Hot Blues – Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley

10:05 PM     
Buses Return to Hotel

10:20 PM  –   1:00 AM   
Hospitality Suite
Diamond Penthouse, 1804
Sponsored by: Ballet Jörgen Canada

Sunday April 6, 2014

8:00 AM           
Registration Desk Open
Crystal Ballroom Foyer, L3

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM      
BC Regions Block Booking Meeting
Baccarat, L2
This meeting is for BC presenters who wish to meet fellow presenters and BCTC to coordinate block booking
Sponsored by: Kitimat Concert Association

9:00 AM   –   10:00 AM 
Agents, Managers and Artists Peer Session
Waterford Room 1&2, L3
Come and network with your colleagues

8:30 AM   –   11:00 AM 
Cash-Out Silent Auction
Crystal Ballroom Foyer, L3
If you bid in the silent auction this is the time to see if you won and pick up and pay for your prize(s).

10:15 AM – 11:30 AM
Membership Roundtable Discussions with BCTC Board
Baccarat, L2
The BCTC Board seeks the input of members regarding the direction that the board is setting for the organization. As an owner-accountable governing body, the BCTC Board is committed to engaging with its diverse membership to ensure that the board understands the full range of members’ values regarding BCTC. In particular, we seek your input regarding what the organization should achieve and for whom it should do so. Please join the Board for this important conversation.

11:45 AM – 1:00 PM
BCTC Annual General Meeting Lunch
Crystal Ballroom 1, Level 3
Sponsored by: Caline Artists International

1:15 PM   –   4:00 PM
Contact Room Open
Crystal Ballroom 2 & 3, Level 3
Sponsored by: North Island Concert Society

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Strike Contact Room

5:00 PM – 6:00PM
Bar Talk (meet for drinks)
Reflect Lounge, Level 3

6:00 PM – 11:00PM
Closing Night Dinner & Party: Sing Along & Karaoke
Reflect Lounge, Level 3
Sponsored by: MOM – Magnum Opus Management