Conference/Contact Room Information

What is the Contact Room?
The Contact Room or trade show is the business centre of the conference where artists, agents and managers meet presenters to connect, book performances and discuss itineraries. Over the 4 day conference there are 3 sessions of about 2 hours. Registered delegates  in the contact room (artists, agents, managers) must attend  all sessions in the contact room over the conference.

What registration do I complete if I want a table in the trade show?
The Contact Room is the trade show at Pacific Contact. Artists or Agents wanting a table will register for the Contact Room – Type 1 Registration.

Where do I find registration for Pacific Contact 2017?
Online registration is on the BCTC website. Registration is available starting mid November 2016.

How do I pay for registration?
Online registration is paid through the BCTC website.

Conference Contact Room

What does my registration for the conference include?
Your registration includes access to all showcases, in-conference workshops, information and networking sessions, the Contact Room and hospitality suite. Of course, if you register for the Contact Room, this includes your table. Registered delegates also receive a conference package, which includes a conference program guide.
Your fee includes one registration for one individual of your organization. Each additional registration with your group costs extra and can be included with the primary registration for your organization.

What if I’m not looking to book or tour right now and just want to attend Pacific Contact? What fee do I pay to attend?
One-day observer registrations are available for presenters. Artists and Agents can only attend as full delegates Please see registration details online in November.

Can I register for a half table and share with another group?
Sorry but we do not allow registration for a half table as the demand is high and space is limited.

Is there a deadline to register in the Contact Room?
The deadline to register for a table in the Contact Room will be in March 2017. However, registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is not uncommon to have a full Contact Room and since you must pre-register for a table, we urge you to do so as soon as you can as we could sell-out.

Is there a deadline for refunds in case I register and am unable to attend?
Cancellation policy: ALL refunds are subject to a $50.00 administrative fee. Full registration fee refund (minus $50/admin charge) will be available up until February 28, 2017. After Feb 28th, 50% will be refunded and no registration refunds will be made after March 17th, 2017. By registering for the conference you agree with this policy regardless of method of payment.

Where do I go when I arrive to set up in the Contact Room?
Registered delegates should go to the Pacific Contact Registration Desk located on Level 3 (outside the Crystal Ballroom) to pick up a conference package and badge.

What season are presenters booking at Pacific Contact?
Presenters who attend Pacific Contact generally book for the next 12 to 24 month period. Many delegates who attend Pacific Contact are from volunteer organizations. Sometimes they will return home and meet with their programming committee before making a firm decision on what they want to book.

Can I get a list of presenters who have registered prior to the conference?
BCTC will make a pre-conference delegates list available before the conference.

What other events are going on at the same time the Contact Room is open?
There are no other events happening at the same time the contact room is open.

When is the Contact Room set-up and strike time?
Set-up is usually on the first day of the conference and strike is on the last day. There are pre-determined times for set-up and strike.

Where is the Contact Room located?
The Contact Room is located in the Crystal Ballroom (2 & 3) at the Hilton Metrotown (the conference hotel) in Burnaby. The address is 6083 McKay Avenue and it is located one block east of Metrotown Shopping Centre.
The Ballroom is located on Level 3 and is accessible by elevator and escalator.

What does the Contact Room look like?
We will post the layout on our web site when it becomes available as well as including the layout in conference packages. See photos and previous layout of Contact Room – Click Here.

How many tables are there in the Contact Room?
There is space for approximately 100 tables in total. Contact Room delegates may choose a small, medium or large set-up.

What will my table look like?
We call the set-up pipe and drape. Tabletops are covered in with plastic and skirted in drapery. The backdrop is a pipe from which there is a curtain, which stands 8 ft from the carpeted floor. Posters and other materials can be hung from the pipe with hooks and fasteners. You cannot attach things directly on the curtain. You should bring hooks or fasteners with you.
Exhibitors cannot hang materials from the ceiling or walls nor can they take space in front or on sides of tables.  Exhibitor materials are to be placed on top of the table.

Can I access the Contact Room throughout the conference?
The Contact Room is secured when not in use and entrance in and out may not be possible at times during the conference. Delegates must be wearing delegate badges in order to gain access. Volunteers and staff will monitor the doors and check for badges when the room is open.

Is the Contact Room secured when not in use?
All measures will be taken to ensure that the Contact Room is secured when not in use however, we recommend that you take all valuables with you when you leave. BCTC will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

How will delegates find my table in the Contact Room?
The tables at Pacific Contact are numbered and delegates are provided with a map and table list in their conference package.

What should I bring for my table in the Contact Room?
We recommend that you bring business cards, sales or one sheets, postcards, brochures, posters, press kits and any other promotional material you have available. We recommend you bring 100 copies of each except for press kits which you may want to hand out only to those who have expressed a real interest in booking your show.  You will also want to have a tablet or computer to show video and other materials about the artist/work with those who visit you at your table. Please bring headphones.  Power to tables is provided.

Tips for displays in the Contact Room:

  • Use inexpensive materials such as foam core and colourful fabrics
  • Try setting up your table at home first so you know that it fits in the space you’ve booked
  • Clear, clean and large images work best
  • Keep your display uncluttered
  • Store extra materials under your table
  • Use lighting to enhance your table display (bring extensions cords)
  • Bring promo materials including business cards, sales sheets, brochures and other material that presenters can take with them