Pacific Contact 2014

Showcase Technical Questionnaire

Please complete the following form. Send your stage plot via email to by Friday January 31, 2014.
Showcase Type: MJ Fox Theatre Shadbolt Studio Stage
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Showcase Artist / Group Name:
Technical questions regarding your showcase should be directed to:
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Number of performers to Showcase:           Grand Piano required? Yes No
Size of performing area required:
Do you have technical staff coming with you? Yes No
If yes, list the name(s) and role(s) of this staff member
Sound: Outline audio requirements for your showcase (attach a stage plot - via email):
Number of vocal mics:        Number of Instrumental mics:
Number of DI boxes:   Number of Stage Monitors:   Number of mixes:
Playback (please indicate what you require): CD/DVD Computer/USB Drive
Approximately how many sound cues are there?
Other things we should know:
Outline lighting requirements for your showcase:
Stage Requirements:
Number of chairs required:    Number of music stands:
Do you plan on video projection?: Yes No
Describe set pieces/ props you will bring (include dimensions of all pieces and a detailed description of how they are set-up):
Other notes or comments:

Please print or save a copy for your records.