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Date/Time Thursday, April 5, 2018  Price
9:00AM – 3:00PM Professional Development Intensive TAKEN
1:00PM - 5:00PM Facility Managers & Support Staff Meeting $500.00

Date/Time Registration Desk Services  Price
Thursday to Sunday Provides Coffee and Muffins $500.00

Date/Time Showcase Theatre Sponsorships  Price
Thursday, April 5 Showcase 1 - James Cowan Theatre $500.00
Friday, April 6 Showcase 2 & 3 – James Cowan Theatre and Shadbolt Studio Theatre $500.00 ea or
$1000.00 (2)
Saturday, April 7 Showcase 4 - Shadbolt Studio Theatre TAKEN

Date/Time Ride The Buses Sponsorship  Price
Thursday, April 5 Shadbolt Centre for the Arts - Evening $250.00
Friday, April 6 Shadbolt Centre for the Arts – Afternoon & Evening $500.00
Saturday, April 7 Shadbolt Centre for the Arts TAKEN

Date/Time Lunch Sponsorships  Price
Friday, April 6
"Getting to Know You" Lunch $400.00
Saturday, April 7
Networking Lunch $400.00
Sunday, April 8

Date/Time Awards Dinner  Price
Join colleagues and sponsor the Pacific Contact Awards Dinner recognizing excellence in presenting and touring. This dinner is a very special highlight of Pacific Contact.
Saturday, April 7 Unlimited sponsorships available $125.00

Date/Time Coffee Break Sponsorship  Price
We'll post a sign near the coffee station so that delegates know who is sponsoring.
Friday, April 6
Refreshments for Early Morning Foyer $300.00
Friday, April 6
Refreshments Mid-Morning $300.00
Friday, April 6
Refreshments in the Contact Room $300.00
Saturday, April 7
Refreshments for Early Morning Foyer $300.00
Saturday, April 7
Refreshments Mid-Morning $300.00
Saturday, April 7
Refreshments in the Contact Room $300.00
Sunday, April 8
Refreshments for Early Morning Foyer $300.00
Sunday, April 8
Refreshments for Mid-Morning Meetings $300.00
Sunday, April 8
Sunday Morning Contact Room Pitch Breakfast $400.00

Date/Time Block Booking Meeting  Price
Sunday, April 8

Date/Time In-Conference Professional Development  Price
Friday & Saturday

Date/Time Opening Reception  Price
Thursday, April 5
Hilton Reflect Lounge $400.00

Date/Time Late Night Hospitality Sponsorship  Price
Networking late night at Pacific Contact is at the Metrotown Hilton.

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Last updated: January 15, 2018