Tractorgrease Cafe

All Ages YFV - South West

All Ages – Tractorgrease was established in 2001 as a loose collective of like-minded individuals with a passion for music, video and media in all its forms. The Café, which opened in 2004, is owned and operated by Jeff Bonner.

Starting as a recording studio, the Tractorgrease also features a live performance venue with an indoor an outdoor stage. The beauty of this venue is the ability to capture audio or video performance as all stages are linked to the recording studio. Every Friday, they host an Open Acoustic Mic for emerging and touring musicians.
48710 Chilliwack Lake Rd, Chilliwack
T: 604.858.3814
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The maximum capacity for events is 60 people. Venue features a fully operating audio/video production studio.

Past events

  • Chicken Like Birds
  • Dustin Bentall and Kendel Carson
  • The Kwerks
  • The Small Glories