Ministry of Casual Living (MoCL)

All Ages YFV - Vancouver Island

All Ages – MoCL houses interesting things to look at, listen to and think about. Established to provide artists from all disciplines with an accessible venue for experimentation, The Ministry of Casual Living is committed to promoting critical, self-reflective discourse, and integrating the artistic process into all aspects of everyday life.

A staple in Victoria’s artist run centres, the Ministry of Casual Living was founded in 2002 at 1442 Haultain St until it moved to its current location in 2012.

The Ministry along with its main experimental performance and studio venue has satellite galleries around the city, a window gallery at 19 Fort street, the Pedal Box mobile Bike Cart Gallery, and a gallery at 1060 North Park road. This is what makes The Ministry of Casual Living so unique; they integrate art throughout the city, which doesn’t have that many unconventional art spaces.

If you want a show, pitch them something. They are interested in bright ideas, regardless of credentials. They never want to see your CV – ever.
1056A North Park Street, Victoria
T: 250.208.6393


Max capacity: Ministry of casual living has a capacity of 80 people in their studio space. They just lost a gallery space with a larger capacity and now put on satellite events at various venues but are looking for a new gallery/event space

Past events

  • A Strong Man featuring Musical Guestsa
  • Saturday Afternoon Blues
  • Sunday Night Groove
  • Ride the Green Wave, Bamsy Franks
  • Eden Veaudry