Orpheum Theatre

649 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2P1
T: 604 665-3050
F: 604 665-3001

Venue Email: vctinfo@vancouver.ca
Web: www.vancouver.ca/theatres

Administrative Contact: Peter Kendall, Booking Coordinator
Contact Phone: 604-665-3028
Contact Email: peter.kendall@vancouver.ca

Technical Director: Miles Muir
Tech Phone: 604-665-3043
Tech Email: miles.muir@vancouver.ca


Number of Seats: 2,688
General Description: Originally opened on November 8, 1927 as a vaudeville house, the Orpheum was the largest and most opulent theatre on the Pacific Coast. The City of Vancouver purchased the theatre on March 19, 1974 and undertook a complete restoration of the theatre’s interior. The Orpheum re-opened on April 2, 1977 as the permanent home of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and a restored concert hall that hosts a variety of pop/rock, classical, choral and chamber recitals, as well as being an ideal venue for concert recordings, conference sessions and seminars.
Facility Type: Rental
Theatre Type: Concert Hall
No of Events / Yr: 180+/-
Average Rental: $11,100
Maximum Rental Fee: $11,100
Seating Style: Auditorium, one balcony
Wheelchair Area: 16 wheelchair accessible
Sales in Lobby? Percentage: Yes / 15%


Stage Type:
Stage Width: 57 ft / 17.5 m
Stage Depth: 42 ft / 12.9 m
Stage Height: 40 ft / 12.3 m
Thrust / Apron Width:
Thrust / Apron Depth:
Wing – Stage Left:
Wing – Stage Right:
Stage Comments: Maple – no stage traps or stage elevators. Screwing and drilling into floor allowed subject to approval.
Note – No Curtains or Flying System available:
– Stage is enclosed within a permanent plaster orchestra shell with a crossover tunnel behind, extending from left to right stage.
– The capability exists, through the use of a 2-cord pulley system, to supply two lift points for light loads such as a folding picture screen, banners, etc. These two positions are located approximately half way between up and down stage.
– Capability exists, through the use of a 5-line pulley system, to hang light loads such as folding picture screens, banners, etc. Pulleys are located along a line, 42′ in length, extending right to left stage, 7′ from the up stage shell wall.
Fly System: No
Sprung Floor: No
Choral Risers: Yes
Acoustic Shell: Yes–permanent
Orchestra Pit and Seating: N/A
Cyclorama: N/A
Piano (Make and Kind): Steinway 9′ Grand Model D;Yamaha Model W x 15; 48″ tall.


Loading: Passenger and freight loading through the 865 Seymour St. entrance, down ramp from street level to stage. Alternate freight loading through an alley loading facility, entry south off Robson Street west of Seymour Street intersection. Loading is at right angles to door at street level. Time limit on Seymour St. loading entrance, with no stopping between 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays.
Parking Details:
Rehearsal Space: Yes
Dressing Rooms: Yes
Green Room: Yes


Lighting: see website for information
Electrical: see website for information
Sound: see website for information
Additional Comments:

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