Michael J Fox Theatre

7373 MacPherson Avenue
Burnaby, BC

Mailing Address: 5455 Rumble Street
Burnaby, BC V5J 2B7

T: 604-664-8875

Venue Email: info@michaeljfoxtheatre.ca
Website: www.michaeljfoxtheatre.ca

Administrative Contact: Cari Luongo
Contact Phone: 604-664-8875
Contact Email: info@michaeljfoxtheatre.ca

Technical Director: Dave McRae
Tech Phone: 604-619-8076
Tech Email: Dave.Mcrae@sd41.bc.ca

Theatre Technician: Ray Morgan
Tech Email: Ray.Morgan@sd41.bc.ca


Number of Seats: 613 plus wheelchair area
General Description: Popular regional venue
Facility Type: Rental
Theatre Type: Proscenium
No. of Events / Year: 350 +
Average Rental Fee: $1,500.00 plus patron charge
Maximum Rental Fee: $1,825.00 plus patron charge
Seating Style: Modified orchestra, two levels
Wheelchair Area: Yes
Sales in Lobby? Percentage: Yes; Table charge


Stage Type: Proscenium
Stage Width: 48′ at prosc, 36′ nominal
Stage Depth: 32′ from prosc to upstage wall
Stage Height: 24′
Thrust / Apron Width: 36′
Thrust / Apron Depth: 8′ at centre
Wing – Stage Left: 20′
Wing – Stage Right: 4′
Fly System: Yes
Sprung Floor: Yes, battleship top coat
Choral Risers: Yes, 6 standard, 1 reversed
Acoustic Shell: Yes, 7 main sections, 4 fillers
Orchestra Pit and Seating: Yes, 36’X14′, manual removal
Cyclorama: Yes
Piano (make and size): Yamaha C-7 Conservatory Grand (7′-6″)


Loading: At grade upstage right
Parking Details: Reserved loading area
Rehearsal Space: Limited
Dressing Rooms: 2 with lights and washrooms
Green Room: 1 with tables and chairs only


Lighting: Good selection of Selecon, Strand, ETC and Altman fixtures on CD80 dimmers, Johnson Systems digital controls, ETC Express 96 console

Electrical: 100A 3 phase disconnect USL, 60A 3 phase disconnect USL (audio system ground), both with CamLok connectors (reverse ground and neutral)

Sound: Yamaha DM2000 with additional 24 Focusrite preamps, good mic selection, Meyer UPA and USW front end, very flexible setup.

Comments: Check our website at www.michaeljfoxtheatre.ca for technical and other details, as well as for periodic updates, info and announcements. Call for site tours.

Information on this page has been supplied by the venue. Please contact venue directly for most up-to-date and accurate information.