Massey Theatre

735 Eighth Avenue
New Westminster, BC V3M 2R2

T: 604-517-5900

Venue Email:

Administrative Contact: Minna Nikula
Contact Phone: 604-517-5900 ext 113

Technical Contact: Mike Cooper
Technical Phone: 604-517-5900 ext 6114

Executive Director Contact: Jessica Schneider
Executive Director Phone: 604-517-5900 ext 6112


Number of Seats: 1260
General Description: The Massey Theatre is available for rent at very competitive rates. It is a professionally operated 1260 seat theatre facility located centrally in the GVRD. The theatre features a state of the art Meyer audio system, high quality digital projection capabilities and a complete technical theatre inventory. The facility also
houses the Plaskett Gallery offering exhibit space for visual artists five days a week and during performances. Patron services include ticketing, front of house, food and beverages.
Facility Type: Rental, Presenting
Theatre Type: Proscenium
No of Events / Yr: 250+
Average Rental Fee: $1700 Non-profit / $2160 Commercial
Maximum Rental Fee: $1700 Non-profit / $2160 Commercial
Seating Style: Raked, Soft Seat with Balcony
Wheelchair Area: Orchestra level both sides
Sales in Lobby? Percentage: 15%


Stage Type: Apron
Stage Width: 40 ft / 12.3 m
Stage Depth: 30 ft / 9.2 m
Stage Height: 47 ft / 14.5 m
Thrust / Apron Width: 40 ft / 12.3 m
Thrust / Apron Depth: 4 ft / 1.2 m
Wing – Stage Left: 10 ft / 3.1 m
Wing – Stage Right: 20 ft / 6.2 m
Stage Comments: Fly Pin Rail is located SR at stage height
Fly System: Yes, Pin Rail
Sprung Floor: Yes
Choral Risers: Yes
Acoustic Shell: No
Orchestra Pit and Seating: Pit area, no pit wall, seats approx 23
Cyclorama: Yes
Piano (make and size): 8-foot Seiler concert grand and Yamaha upright grand


Loading: Yes, plus scene shop at extra cost
Parking Details: On-site free parking available
Rehearsal Space: No
Dressing Rooms: Yes
Green Room: No


Lighting: Console – ETC Ion w/ ELO Touch Screen and 2nd monitor
o 1024 Outputs/Parameters
o 10,000 Channels
o 10,000 Cues
o 999 Cue Lists
o 4 x 1000 Palettes (Intensity, Focus, Color, Beam)
o USB ports for flash drives, pointing devices, keyboards
– ETC Universal Fader Wing 2×20
– 3 Colortran 1 Series 96 racks
o 2.4 kW dimmers
o Presently 270 dimmers wired circuit per dimmer
House Hang Includes
– 15 Area front wash (Source Four 750W Ellipsoidal)
– 2 Color top wash (cool & scrollers)(Source Four 575W Pars)
– Two color bax-wash (Par 64s 1 KW WFL)
– Two color side-wash (Altman 360q’s)
– 34 Ellipsoidal specials (18 in FOH, 16 on stage)
o Various Source Four barrels to select from (19 degree to 50
degree) Followspots
– 2 Robert Juliat 1159 Victor Followspot w/ GT4000 Tripod Stands
o 208V 1800W MSR Discharge
o Optics: 7 14.5 Degree

Electrical: 400amp cam-Lok in dimmer room under stage, 100amp cam-Lok on SR

Sound: Console: Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixing Console
– Mix channels: 64 mono, 8 stereo
– Busses: 16 mix, 8 matrix (Input to Matrix supported)
– Local I/O: 32 in, 16 out
– Fader configuration: 32 + 2 (Master)
– 4 Standard Layers, 4 Custom Layers

Rio 1608-D Stage Box
– 16 In, 8 Out

48:8 Channel snake from SL to booth, 30 channels patachable from various stage locations

Stereo PA
Meyer M’elodie line array system. 8 M’elodie powered cabinets per side, flown 5 downstage of the proscenium opening.
2 Meyer sound 700hp powered Subwoofers.
All Meyer Sound components driven by Meyer Galilleo 616 system, located in the booth

Comments: Massey Ticket Centre is on site offering phone, walk up and online sales. Use of Ticket Centre is required for all events.

Information on this page has been supplied by the venue. Please contact venue directly for most up-to-date and accurate information.