Anvil Centre

777 Columbia Street,
New Westminster, BC
V3M 1B6

Telephone: 604-515-3830
Venue Email:

Administrative Contact: Kate Stadel
Contact Phone: 604-636-4317
Contact Email:


Number of Seats: 361
General Description: The Theatre offers a dynamic, energized experience. The Theatre is built for maximum flexibility to support the full range of contemporary performances. Acoustics are excellent, sight lines exceptional and staff are friendly and professional. Did we mention the theatre is Licensed?
Facility Type: Rental
Theatre Type: Flexible
Average Rental Fee: $1000.00
Seating Style: Flexible
Wheelchair Area: Yes


Stage Type: Flexible
Stage Width: 68 US, 72 DS
Stage Depth: From proc to Up Stage Traveler 25 6
Wing – Stage Left: 17 6 at Proscenium, 12 8 Upstage
Wing – Stage Right: SR wing width: 11 11
Sprung Floor: Yes
Choral Risers: 4 UltraStage 4 x8 Stage Decks, Height adjustable between 16 to 24


Loading: Loading dock: 34 6 long by 12 9 wide, Loading Bay roll up door: 13 10 high by 14 6 wide
Parking Details: Paid
Rehearsal Space: Limited
Dressing Rooms: One 8-person dressing room, One 15-person Chorus Room, Two 3-person dressing rooms with private, Washrooms & Shower
Green Room: Yes


ETC Ion w/ 2 NEC MultiSync Touch Screens
ETC Net3 Network

3 ETC Sensor 3, 96 Racks w/ D20E Dimmer Cards

16        ETC Selador Desire D60 LED Top Color Wash, Various Lenses
8          ETC Source 4 LED Lustr+ 20 ETC Selador Vivid-R LED Cyc Lights, Various Lenses
80        ETC Source 4 575W
Various Source Four Barrels to select from (10 degree to 90 degree, including 26 degree EDHT)
Follow Spot 1 Robert Juliet Lucy 1200W Spot

400 Amp Three Phase Company Switch, located USL at stage height
100 Amp Three Phase Company Switch, located USL at stage height
100 Amp Three Phase Company Switch, located DSR in tension grid

Soundcraft Si Performer 3 w/ 32ch Stage Box
Main PA
JBL VRX932lap 12 Two-Way Powered Speakers
JBL VRX918sp Sub Cabinets
JBL CBT 70J-1 Speakers, 3 for Balcony Fill

6 JBL PRX712M Powered Monitor Speakers

Listen Assist System
3 Channel Pro Intercom System
Acoustic Baffles
AcoustiCorp Baffle System
21 Deployable Fabric Panels around Balcony Level

Video Projection System
Digital Projection M-Vision Cine 930 WUXGA
Distances to Screen: 50
VGA & HDMI inputs from Stage Left, Stage Right,& Control Booth
Da-Lite Tensioned Large Cosmopolitan Electrol Screen
220 Diagonal Size
HD Progressive 1.3 Surface